Invisible Corset 3d cover

Ready to finally feel comfortable and confident in your body?

Then take off your invisible corset!

  • Do you feel insecure without makeup or cosmetic procedures?
  • Do you feel anxious about your weight?
  • Do you worry about your body aging?
  • Do you believe you'll be happier if your body looked different?

Then you're wearing the invisible corset.

The invisible corset makes women fear and disconnect from their bodies.

It prevents us from fully loving ourselves or our lives... no matter how much we battle our bodies.

The good news? You can cast off your corset!

"The Invisible Corset will teach you to trust your inner wisdom and help you heal your relationship to your body. It will give you the grace and ease that come with rejecting beauty and diet culture and owning your right to self-love.”  

- Elyse Resch, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S, Co-Author of Intuitive Eating

"It’s time to transform the Cartesian divide between material body and immaterial spirit and to recognize that our bodies express our souls and tell us about us. The Invisible Corset lifts the shackles of our conditioning and provides a manual for the revivification of the body through true love, not affected “self-acceptance.” Give yourself the gift of healing the most important relationship in your entire life, starting here.”  

- Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD, Author of New York Times Bestseller A Mind of Your Own and Own Yourself

"In a world where we are constantly bombarded with unrealistic standards of how to look and be The Invisible Corset is a breath of fresh air. Lauren guides you to remove the invisible strings that keep you tied to a cycle of chasing unattainable beauty standards and helps you discover your path to self love.”  

- Dr. Jolene Brighten, NMD, best selling author of Beyond The Pill

This book is one of the most important books I’ve ever read, I think every woman on the planet needs to read this!! So grateful to the author for writing this!!!"

- The Invisible Corset Amazon review

"As a busy mom of young children, I MADE time to read this book. When I finished, I told my husband, 'This is probably one of the best self-help books I've ever read' --and I do NOT exaggerate."

- The Invisible Corset Amazon review

"Be prepared to underline everything. This is a book I’m proud to have on my shelf to recommend to friends, to loan out, and one day for my daughter to read."

- The Invisible Corset Amazon review


  • How the invisible corset cuts women off from their intuition, pleasure, and power 
  • Why the body positivity movement often worsens self-criticism
  • How to raise daughters who feel confident and connected to their bodies
  • How to develop a healthy relationship with food, weight, aging, and beauty products
  • Journaling prompts, rituals, meditations, and other exercises to unravel the strings of the corset

The Invisible Corset is a gift to us all. Lauren’s tools will empower you to let go of society’s standards of beauty. She invites you to break up with shame and liberates you to find freedom in your own beauty that is unique to you. Her words will be tattooed on your heart and soul.” 

- Dr. Morgan Francis, PsD, body image therapist

Lauren is a provocateur in all the right ways. In The Invisible Corset, she exposes beauty culture and the body positive movement in a whole new light that will surprise, challenge, and ultimately empower women of all walks of life.” 

- Genevieve Howland, founder of, author of  The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth 

“In this book, Lauren beautifully explains the ways that culture gives us a false narrative of beauty with an unattainable standard, and gently guides you to finding peace."

- Katie Wells, CNTC, MCHC, founder of

“What a beautiful book. Lauren teaches reconnection and partnership with our body, in order to connect with its innate wisdom and break free from the abuse of toxic beauty culture. I felt myself breathing a little deeper, feeling a little more fully, and all my muscles slowly relaxing with every new chapter I read.".

- Caroline Dooner, author of The F*ck It Diet

About Lauren Geertsen

I'm Lauren, a Body Connection Coach and author.

My holistic health website, Empowered Sustenance, has supported over 40 million readers.

Previously, I worked as a nutritional therapist. Then I realized I could only get my clients so far with nutrition and supplements

The real problem was the invisible corset: it made them distrust and disconnect from their bodies.

When I helped them take off the corset, many of their "mystery" health issues disappeared. Even better, they began to express their true selves and feel confident in their bodies for first time since childhood.

The Invisible Corset provides the steps and insight you’ll need to do the same.

Take off the invisible corset.

Take a deep breath.

And jump, fearlessly, into your life.


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